This service is for people who have a Speech Disability or those who use an assistive voice device.

With Video-Assisted Speech-to-Speech (VA-STS), you can call anyone on the phone. Using video conference technology, you also connect visually with a relay operator.  The relay operator, specially trained to understand speech patterns and watch for visual cues, repeats your words as needed for clarity. 

This relay service is available in English.

The TRS Customer Profile allows you to store your relay call preferences and helps speed up call processing.

In addition to the TRS Customer Profile, an optional additional feature called STS Call Set-up allows you to fill out an online form with instructions and information for the relay operator 2-24 hours before your phone call. 

How Does VA-STS Work?

Follow these simple steps!

Dial 711 (or 866-658-7712) and inform the relay operator that you would like to make a VA-STS call. Then go to and the relay operator will give you a Meeting ID number to join.

Once connected, the Zoom screen appears on your computer. This is a one-way video connection in which the relay operator will see you. Provide the area code and telephone number of the person you wish to call.  The relay operator will dial the number and connect to the other party.

  • 1

    You speak on your phone directly to the other party.

  • 2

    The relay operator sees and hears you, and repeats your spoken words to the other party as needed for clarity.

  • 3

    The other party talks directly you.

Refer to the handy set of VA-STS step-by-step instructions, complete with pictures.

Video: How does a Video-Assisted STS call work?

Here’s a video showing step-by-step instructions for making a VA-STS call.