“Just like many people, I use the telephone to make appointments, shop, order pizza – for many reasons…  But when I call business to do those things, I often get hung up on because the business owner has never received a relay call before.. Please, Don’t Hang Up.

Thousands of people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deafblind, or who have a speech difference call businesses and organizations like yours every day. They call through Ohio Relay. Often people hang up on relay calls because they think a telemarketer is calling.

When a call comes through saying, “This is Ohio Relay,” it is a call from someone with a hearing loss or a speech disability.

These hang-ups are frustrating for deaf, deafblind,hard-of-hearing, and speech-disabled callers. Butjust as significant, they mean a loss of business and bad customer relations for the business or organization being called.

So, the next time you get a relay call, remember:if you hang up, you may be hanging up on the most important call that you receive all day!

How to Report Your Hang-up Incident

If you have experienced a hang-up when placing a relay call, you may fill out online form and submit your report.

A Ohio Relay representative will follow up either by sending a brochure, a letter, or by telephoning the resident or business that is the source of the complaint. This is done in an attempt to better inform that party about relay services and to convey the message, “Please, Don’t Hang Up. It may be the most important call of the day!”