Additional Services

IP Relay

You can use any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to communicate with anyone using the IP Relay service! This service is designed for people who are Deaf, Hard or Hearing, DeafBlind or those with a Speech Disability. The communications assistant reads aloud the message you typed to the other party and types the other party’s spoken message and background sounds, if any, to you.

Also available is the handy IP Relay Mobile App!


Voicemail/Answering Machine Retrieval Service

You can use the relay service to retrieve messages from voicemail or answering machines.

Voicemail Retrieval:
When you request the communications assistant to retrieve messages from a voicemail system, the communications assistant will follow your instructions for dialing, pin entry, access codes, and/or system commands to retrieve new messages, play messages, save, and/or delete messages.

Answering Machine Retrieval (AMR):
When a you request the communications assistantto retrieve messages from an answering machine at your location, simply type “AMR GA” then follow the instructions from the communications assistant.

International Relay Service

You can make international calls through Ohio Relay by dialing 711 or any Ohio Relay relay number.

People outside the US wanting to call you should dial 605-224-1837 to reach a communications assistant.

International Relay service is available in English and Spanish.